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The 51 Paintings Suite is a ground breaking pentology of slow cinema feature artworks from Australian director Shaun Wilson. Each episode reconfigures the poses of characters found in 800 year old German medieval paintings into new locations to invent a 'memory' of the paintings imbedded within each new tableaux


The series began in October 2006 coinciding with the 1st Conference on Film and Memorialisation hosted at Schwabisch Hall, Germany and has since produced over 200 video artworks, nine multi-screen installations and three feature length slow cinema films. The fourth film, Slow City, is currently in production with a total screen duration of 9 hours.

All of the completed films are available as free digital downloads as per a master suite of 35mm motion picture film reels scanned from the original digital files to be screened in cinemas which are capable of film projection.

The project will continue until 2026 when the fifth and final feature film Winter Orbit will conclude the project with a total screen duration time of 1224 hours or 51 days, making it the longest movie ever made. The film will be screened in Schwabisch Hall over the course of 51 days, returning to the series to its original birth place.